You are currently viewing Lustica, private house, 800 sq.m.

Lustica, private house, 800 sq.m.

A modern house to be built on a “turn-key” basis. At the moment, the plot is cleased of debris, leveled and probed for stiffness of the soil. Construction permit on the go.

The billa to be will consist of 3 levels and total area of 480 sq.m. The plot will be divided onto 2 levels with a spacious parking and a swimming pool. The sea view is opened from the 1st floor of the future proerty.

Price for the lot is 240.000 euro.

Urban area – 795 sq.m

Non-urban area – 438 sq.m

Total area – 795+438 sq.m

A project of a house with an area of ​​450 sq.m has been developed